6 Tips for choosing a Certified Home Inspector

Certified Home Inspector

Certified Home InspectorChoosing your

Home Inspector

is one of the most important buying decisions you will make when purchasing a home. The worst choice you could make would be to waive your right to inspections. Here are my 6 tips to help you decide.

  1. Real estate lists: As it stands today 90 % or more of all home inspection business comes from Real Estate Agents. Most home buyers are content on letting their real estate agent make this choice for them. Not all Home Inspectors are the same. My recommendation is to also get two or three home inspector names and talk to your co-workers, friends and family for referrals. See tip two.
  2. Experience:  Ask them how long they have been in business? If someone tells you they have 40 years of experience and they are about 50 years old this is a red flag! Also some new home inspectors tend to stretch the truth a little. They might say they have 5 years experience when in reality its 1 year.  Do they have any building or construction experience? If you haven’t had a hammer in your hand at some point in your background you probably shouldn’t be a home inspector. Are they full time or do they work another job and this is a part time gig? With the new Indiana home inspector license law it takes about a week of class room study to become licensed. Ohio has no license at all. It seems that now more then ever there is a new home inspector going into business every week. Beware!
  3. References: Get references from real estate agents, friends, family, maybe even a co-worker. Word of mouth can make you or break you. Look at website testimonials, are they just too fake or are they very sincere?
  4. Report: How long does the inspection take? To do a good job inspecting a home the inspector should spend at least 2 hours on the home. If they say one hour run away! What about optional inspection services? Termite (wdi) inspection, Radon testing, and Well & Septic testing. Ask if they are too big! Can they fit in the crawl space to check for termites, wood rot, and mold? Can they get in the small attic hole to tell you how much insulation is up there? When will i get my report? With today’s software you should get it the same day.
  5. Type of Tools: Every home inspector will carry a flashlight. In today’s industry every good inspector will have specialized tools: moisture meter, electrical polarity GFCI tester, temperature gauge and even a thermal imaging camera.
  6. Price: This should be the least important when making your decision. Most local inspector prices are only within $10 – $20 different anyways. Keep in mind you’re not buying a bag of apples here. Your buying experience and knowledge that will keep you from having major expenses after closing.


With 12 years experience on the job home inspections and a solid background in the construction trades you can feel confident choosing Mike Spurrier as your Richmond and Wayne County Home Inspector. www.certified123.com

"Michael Spurrier is founder and CEO of Certified Radon Mitigation, Home inspection, and Pest Control. He is passionate about his business and enjoys helping people."

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