Certified Home Inspection

Buyers Home Inspection

home inspectionWhen you’re buying a home, it’s a very good idea to get a professional home inspection. A good Realtor will recommend this and some lenders may need it as part of the approval process. This serves your best interest and prevents costly repair bills after you move in. For a couple hundred dollars or a little more (depending on the location and optional services), a home inspection can give you a review of all the major structural components, operating systems and some  expert advice on maintenance and up keep. The goal of the inspection is to find major issues and safety concerns with the property before the closing. This is also a good time to take measurements for appliances and furniture, ask your home inspector questions, and learn firsthand about the issues of the home. If your Realtor  includes an inspection clause in your purchase agreement and the need for a repair arises during an inspection, you can ask for the seller to make repairs before you buy the home, or to give you a credit in advance for repairs you’d make after you buy the home. This kind of clause  is known as a “contingency .” Call Certified Home Inspection before you own it. Sample Report Software

Sellers Home Inspection

home inspection checklistA sellers home inspection is a great idea. Your thinking about selling your home but you wonder, what would a home inspector find? The truth is more than you think. The great advantage of knowing ahead of time is that you are able to fix things yourself and save money. Or simply show this on the disclosure sheet “as is” with your listing price. With out this a buyer will ask for a qualified licensed contractor to do all repair work no matter how small the job. A sellers home inspection will make you feel confident about selling your property and will save you money. Call Certified Home Inspection before listing your home.