Optional Services

Wood Destroying Insect Inspection (Termite)

wdi reportMost home buyers will also choose a wood destroying insect inspection for a small extra fee with their home inspection. When termite activity is found usually the home seller / owner or bank is required to absorb the cost of treatment which could range from hundreds to even thousands of dollars. Certified Home inspection of Richmond, Indiana performs Wood Destroying Insect reports on the standard national form NPMA33. This inspection is also for Carpenter Bees that bore holes in fascia wood, treated decks, and mainly any unpainted wood. Carpenter bee damage looks like drill holes the size of a dime but once they enter they burrow sideways and hollow out wood. Carpenter ants also hollow out wood for nesting sites. Carpenter ants are drawn to wet and rotted wood. Powder post beetle damage usually looks like buckshot holes in old barn wood and can sometimes be found active in floor joists of a home by discovering the sawdust spilling from the holes.

Well & Septic Testing

well and septic testCertified Home Inspection will describe the type of well on the property. Different kinds of wells are dug, bored and the most common drilled. The well test is a gallons per minute test, a stress test on the pump, pressure tank quality, range, and contamination chance.

The Septic test is a push dye test with a controlled amount of water per bedroom. This test provides answers to possible clogs or blockage in the system. Also if dye comes up in the finger system or out in the creek.


Well Water Testing

well water testingIt’s a good idea to add this test to your home inspection when you have a private water system. In most cases with FHA / USDA type funding you can’t  receive a mortgage loan without it. This test includes checking for the presence of  E-Coli in the water due to cow pastures or simply being to close to a failed septic tank and any Bacteria presence in the water.


Radon Testing 

Radon TestingRadon testing and real estate is becoming more and more common as people get more educated about the lung cancer health risks posed to their family’s. You cant see it or smell it but believe me it’s there. Scientist discovered it back in the 1980’s when coal miners were getting abnormally high lung cancer rates which they originally thought was from black lung disease. Today it is law in Pennsylvania that you must have a radon test performed on every home sold. No they don’t need this in Indiana yet but in my opinion they should need this along with lead based paint disclosures. One out of three homes tested in Indiana have higher levels of radon and homeowners are finding they have to pay for the Radon Mitigation systems when they sell their homes.