Certified Radon Mitigation

Residential Radon Mitigation


radon mitigationSo your selling your home and you have high radon? We can help! Here at Certified radon mitigation we understand your frustration. Most people have never heard of radon before but like smoking… it does pose a risk! Radon is proven as the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer. Here at Certified we want to make this process as painless as possible. We work with real estate agents and home owners daily. We understand the time sensitive nature of the transaction and can give a proposal the same day requested and schedule the job within a day or two. The process of the radon system installation takes about 4 – 6 hours to complete. Every radon system comes with a guarantee to work with a 5 year warranty that goes in the home buyers name. We also accept payment at loan closing where the title company cuts a check for our services from the loan proceeds. We are locally owned and operated here in Richmond, In. Contact Certified Radon Mitigation today for a free quote.

Commercial Radon Mitigation


commercial radon mitigationCommercial radon mitigation is very similar to residential. You have to understand the make up of the foundation. Most apartment buildings although with attached walls have their own foundation system and are  treated separately. The most common radon mitigation  systems are active soil depressurization (ASD) which uses a radon mitigation suction fan to pull the gas out from the foundation of the building. This method is very effective and we have a guaranteed success rate at lowering the radon to safe levels. Certified  warranties the radon system materials and radon levels to stay at or below 3.9 pCi/L 5 years from installation. When you choose Certified for your mitigation needs you get the personal touch of a family owned company that will be here when you need us.

Air Quality

air qualityOften there are times we hear of better air quality in the home or business after the  radon mitigation system. Not only does the system draw out radon laden soil gas but also moisture. This can help with high humidity and sometimes musty basements. This is an added benefit with allergy sufferers.