Can plumbers install radon reduction system?

Radon reduction systemMany times I have gone into newer homes built by local contractors  in Richmond, Indiana and found that the general contractor / builder had the plumber stick a pipe in the basement floor and call it a

radon reduction system

For good reason the state of Indiana has a law that all Radon Mitigation system installers be Licensed , insured, and certified by the National Environmental Health Association and National Radon Proficiency Program. In my opinion this could be considered fraud and open the door to lawsuits when a loved one gets cancer. When installing a passive sub-slab Radon reduction system you must first install some type of gas collection mechanism. There will be some type of gas mat or corrugated piping submerged in the aggregate under the slab. We call this “communication” and this opens the path for Radon gas movement. The stack pipe inside the chase of the home which is usually near the center. This helps create a phenomenon called thermal stack effect. This creates a natural flow of Radon gas that travels through the pipe and then out the roof top. When done properly over half of all these homes will never have high radon levels. Now ask your builder… did he have Dave the plumber install your radon reduction system?

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