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Bed Bugs vs. pest control in Richmond IN

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One missed pregnant bedbug during a professional pest control treatment can mean a new infestation in just 4 weeks. Bed bugs can lay three to four eggs per day during their life span which could be up to nine months. The first thing a pest management professional in Richmond, IN  should do when they arrive at your property is a very thorough inspection. Most important are the areas where you spend most of your time. Find the black fecal matter and you will find the bed bugs! The most common areas in the bedroom are: the headboard, the mattress, box springs, bed rails, and night stands. In the living room: your favorite chair or couch, in the folds of arm rests, and in the pine wood frame behind the dust cover. The good news is you can get rid of bed bugs with one to two pesticide treatments. The challenge arises with the amount of customer cooperation. There is a long list and a lot of hard work when you get bed bugs. Call Certified Pest Control in Richmond, IN.