Is your Home Inspector too big?

Home Inspector

Home InspectorImagine your

home inspector

shows up and he weighs in at 300 lbs. The Home Inspector job is to find major problems with the home before closing. The problem is when its time to inspect the attic or crawl space. Attic scuttle holes on many homes are very small. I have seen some openings that are only 1 foot by 1 foot. The crawl space openings are small as well. Licensed House inspectors input “not accessible” on the inspection report if they can not enter. This can exclude the home inspector from any liability. With 10 years of Home Inspection experience I find more problems in the attic and crawl space than any other part of the home. Hidden plumbing leaks, water in the crawl space, termite damage. In the attic I find roof leaks, open wire splices, and broken rafters. When buying a home you need to ask “can he fit in the attic and crawl space”? Call Certified Home Inspector 765-965-7793