Termite Treatment Costs: What to expect

Termite treatment costs

can vary greatly from home to home.  Pest control companies measure the linear  footage of the homes foundation and multiply by the depth to footer to get total amount of termite solution for each job. Therefore all homes are different. Termite treatment costs for a large home on a basement will be greater than a small home on a crawl space.  Spot spraying only for termites will not protect your property with a warranty. Termiticides are special formulated to get the poison back to the queen and therefore kill the entire colony.  These chemicals not only kill active infestations but form a continuous barrier around the property for up to five years or more. Certified pest control provides a 3 year warranty against re-infestation after treatment. With our low overhead and no fancy termite commercials we can keep your termite treatment costs at about half of what big companies charge. We use the same chemicals and equipment. Its your money. Contact us today for a FREE quote.