Termite Awareness: Time for a Termite Inspection?

termite inspection

termite inspectionThe spring time is always the best time for a homeowner to do a

termite inspection.

Termite colonies reproduce this time of year in the form of winged swarmers. If you see these flying around you probably have termites. Also keep in mind when gardening around the flower beds. Be on the look out for mud tubes on the foundation and termites in the mulch. A professional termite inspection will cost only $45 – $65 dollars. This is a small fee for getting inside that nasty crawl space and can save you thousands in structural damage. Here are some clues you may have termites:

  1. Visual mud tubes, these are shelter tubes for the termites to travel back and forth in from the ground to your homes wood source. Break them open and find a surprise inside.
  2. Odd smell in the house?, termites pass gas, methane gas! That sewer smell? Could be termites.
  3. Swarmers, lots of little wings around the doors or window seals? They love warm spring days.
  4. Blistering or bubbling paint? Termites like to stay just behind the paint when destroying your home.

If you are buying a home or have found some of these signs call Certified for a professional termite inspection today.

"Michael Spurrier is founder and CEO of Certified Radon Mitigation, Home inspection, and Pest Control. He is passionate about his business and enjoys helping people."

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